Snapshots of Tatooine

Story is not the only thing I’m enjoying in The Old Republic. My adventures have begun to take me to various worlds throughout the galaxy and the views are often breathtaking. I’ve seen an immense amount of detail and beauty in the world we’re immersed in,  so I decided to keep a visual journal of my travels. Most recently, my missions took me to the desert planet of Tatooine and its harsh climate and barren nature, this unforgiving world had some fantastic landscapes to offer.

The famous Twin Suns of Tatooine on its sandy horizons.

All is not sand here – a random stumble into the rocky caves that lie beneath the dunes.

No journey to Tatooine is complete without a mention of the adorable Jawas.

Krayt dragon remains are an awesome sight to behold. If just the remains look like this, I have to wonder how awe-inspiring the creature would be. Don’t miss the fantastic rock formations in the background.

The Sarlacc. The giant beast that tortures its victims by slowly digesting them over thousands of years. This creature alone sends shudders down my spine and really represented the sinister side of the desert to me.


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