Snapshots of Balmorra

The second arc of my Consular story took me to the planet of Balmorra. In stark difference to Tatooine and Alderaan, Balmorra was very much at war and it was there everywhere. You couldn’t miss it – and often it felt like it was reflected not just in its inhabitants but in the land itself. One of the most beautiful sights in Balmorra I shall remember are the blood skies that encompass the planet.

Massive turrets on its grassy plains break the silence of an otherwise calm field.

A view of unique jagged rock formations reaching up to the skies.

A worn path leading to another military outpost set against the harsh landscape and blood-tinged sky.

Home to some very interesting inhabitants – the gentle Bormu of Balmorra now face the threat of extinction.

A moment of serenity in a war-torn planet.


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