Cave Collection: Special Wallpaper Series

Throughout my journeys in The Old Republic, I’ve always been fascinated by the different kinds of caves we’re sent into or encounter. (I suppose that explains how my screenshot for the Sixth Meme ended up being a cave too!)

There’s something eerily beautiful about them that inspired me as I adventured through various planets and fifty levels later, I ended up with a visual collection of caves. I hope you find them as inspiring as I did!

Abyss of Flesh-Raiders

 1920 x 1200

1600 x 1200

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I’ve been tagged! Kristalys of the Snark Side (and All for the Wookie) tagged me for the Sixes Meme that’s been going around the blogosphere. The rules are simple:

– Go to your images folder

– Go to your sixth subfolder

– Publish your sixth image

– Challenge and tag six fellow bloggers

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Artificing: Know Your Shinies

Working on crew skills in SWTOR is one of my favourite things to do. Anything that has your minions do the work instead of yourself can’t be bad afterall… and in SWTOR, wrapping my head around the different materials really kept it interesting for me. It took me a little bit to figure out how different crystals fit in and the various categories of our craft. Read on for an overview of what this crew skill has to offer!

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Temporal Distortion

This is an awesome piece that was passed on to me, and I was just blown away by the inspiring imagery and the fantastic music. The video is by Randy Halverson and the music is by Bear McCreary (who also composed the soundtrack for Battlestar Galactica). I would love love love to do a piano cover of this music sometime…it’s just so inspiring! Bravo and many thanks to these two talented individuals for making something this beautiful. Enjoy!

The Mocha Guide to Jedi Consular Healing Talents

When I wrote about first impressions of healing as a Sage earlier, I promised a more in-depth look at the Seer tree and healing mechanics when I hit 50. Well, guess who hit 50 over the weekend?

This discussion is an analysis of what the key talents are for the healing Jedi Sage rather than a blow-by-blow analysis of what every single talent does. The talents, in my opinion, are well designed with clear tooltips – I was really pleased that I went into this blind while leveling and didn’t have to pull up any skill calculators or do any extra research to fill in the tree. Alright, talent time.

PS: They’re really skill points in skill trees but calling them skills leaves too much room for confusion so I’m going to stick with calling them talents for now.

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A Rock Star’s Ride

Today was just an insane day. I’ve lately been stepping into hardmode Flashpoints and they’ve been immensely fun. Today, I made my first foray into the hardmode flashpoint Kaon Under Siege shortly after checking out the hardmode version of Taral V. The gear gods blessed me with awesome Columi Gear for consulars, but that’s not all! The final boss in Kaon Under Siege dropped a very snazzy vehicle – the Tirsa Elite. Guess who won it tonight…

Riding like a....

...rock star!

The new flashpoint is incredibly fun and challenging -although this is a whole different post altogether. For now, I’m putting my feet up and feeling like a rock star!