A Rock Star’s Ride

Today was just an insane day. I’ve lately been stepping into hardmode Flashpoints and they’ve been immensely fun. Today, I made my first foray into the hardmode flashpoint Kaon Under Siege shortly after checking out the hardmode version of Taral V. The gear gods blessed me with awesome Columi Gear for consulars, but that’s not all! The final boss in Kaon Under Siege dropped a very snazzy vehicle – the Tirsa Elite. Guess who won it tonight…

Riding like a....

...rock star!

The new flashpoint is incredibly fun and challenging -although this is a whole different post altogether. For now, I’m putting my feet up and feeling like a rock star!


6 thoughts on “A Rock Star’s Ride

  1. Niq says:

    Grats on the gears and the awesome mount!!

  2. Richard says:

    This was the first car style speeder I saw in TOR – I didn’t even know they existed until then so it still holds a special place in my memories.

    This particular speeder also drops in the end game Operations on Hard Mode, which is where I’ve seen the majority come from so far.

    • Saya says:

      Yeah the car is pretty cool XD I was pleasantly surprised – I didn’t know these existed until I won it! Also, I had no idea this drops in hardmode Ops!

  3. andarton says:

    Nice new ride! I believe this falls under the category of what one of my roommates calls a ‘space cadillac’. He would be jealous, no doubt.

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