Temporal Distortion

This is an awesome piece that was passed on to me, and I was just blown away by the inspiring imagery and the fantastic music. The video is by Randy Halverson and the music is by Bear McCreary (who also composed the soundtrack for Battlestar Galactica). I would love love love to do a piano cover of this music sometime…it’s just so inspiring! Bravo and many thanks to these two talented individuals for making something this beautiful. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Temporal Distortion

  1. Ishamael says:

    This is definitely worth watching full screen. The time-lapse aurora effect… or whatever that is exactly… is just stunning. Star-filled skies like these must have been what inspired the ancients to imagine constellations… I know the effect isn’t visible to the naked eye, but still! I love the music too – it makes me want to suit up and take a starfighter for a spin around the galaxy or something. =P

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