I’ve been tagged! Kristalys of the Snark Side (and All for the Wookie) tagged me for the Sixes Meme that’s been going around the blogosphere. The rules are simple:

– Go to your images folder

– Go to your sixth subfolder

– Publish your sixth image

– Challenge and tag six fellow bloggers

It’s time for a confession. I’m not a very organised person. I barely have a second subfolder for all my pictures let alone a sixth. So, I decided to bend the rules a little with a Star Wars-y spin, and post the sixth screenshot from my SWTOR screenshots folder.

Ah memories of levelling! This shot of a fleshraider’s cave was taken during my consular adventures way back on Tython.

Time to tag….

Lightsaber Latte

A Lovely Starwar!

 A New Dope

Star Wars: Tanking the Old Republic

Inquisitor’s Roadhouse

Consular’s Codex


5 thoughts on “Sixes

  1. selly says:

    Thanks for the tag Miss Saya! I’ve done it already but I’ll make Reznikov/Monty do it in my stead. *cackles evilly*

    You always have such really cool atmospheric scenery screenshots!

  2. Reznikov says:

    Ooh your image is very nice! Kinda spooky too. I approve! I don’t remember the cave looking quite so dramatic when I played through. Clearly I just need a better photographer to make my adventures look more epic.

  3. Ishamael says:

    Ooo thanks for the tag!! This looks like lots of fun. ❤

    And yes, awesome screenshot! I'm with Reznikov on this one… I don't remember Tython seeming this ominous at all. *takes notes*

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