The Little Things

I’ve been having a blast playing SWTOR thus far and it’s safe to say that I’ve been thoroughly spoiled by the voice-acting. There are, however, a few places where a little bit of thought and polish can go a long way. I’m not really talking bout larger issues like endgame content or pvp or anything. This is truly the little stuff.

Here’s my wishlist for things that would make a huge quality of life difference while playing the game, and I hope they get some well needed attention!

1. Profiles

I’m an altoholic and I love having my little army of alts everywhere. Many of them often get rerolled because I decide the nose isn’t quite right, or I’d rather have them with red hair than brown. I don’t use the default keybindings in my gameplay and it’s become increasingly annoying and tedious to keep re-binding everything all because I had to change the hair. I recall RIFT having the functionality where you could copy keybindings from different characters when you rolled an alt and I would dearly love to see something like that in SWTOR.

Import UI in RIFT

2. Adding Friends Who Are Offline

I’m surprised this one hasn’t been changed yet. Often we add friends not just when we play with them but when we need to talk to them about guilds, ops etc. It’s somewhat of a catch 22 since we add them so we know when they come online … and yet the only time we can add them at present is when they’re online.

3. Headgear

This one doesn’t even need an introduction…the screenie below says it all….


And how it should look:

Why does my companion look better than me? -_-

4. Focus Target for Bosses

I really felt this one on a recent run of hardmode Esseles during Ironfist. Our group had two commandos as damage dealers and so the interrupts on Ironfist were left to my Jedi Knight tank and myself. I’m happy I have an interrupt as a healer but it really does suck that I can’t use it effectively when I can’t keep track of what the boss is casting!

I’m going to end my list here for now. I considered throwing in Op frames customisation in there but its certainly not on the top of my list yet since I haven’t yet begun to raid. It would however, be fantastic not to have the health frames be in raging red…my poor eyes.

Are there any little things that you’d like to see changed in the near future?


9 thoughts on “The Little Things

  1. sebiri says:

    Another vote for keybinding profiles for alts! Having to rebind takes the spontaneity out of trying a new class (or hairdo).

    I adore my companions, but it would be great if my droid M1-4X would follow a little farther behind me. I end up clicking on the poor guy so much when I’m trying to pick up something close to me. And it would be nice if he didn’t jump on top of the mailboxes on the fleet and make a scene…

  2. Reznikov says:

    absolutely agreed on the keybinding profiles! setting up new alts is always a bit of a pain and while I have it down relatively well by now and can do it quickly, it’s still frustrating.

    I once managed to add someone when they weren’t online. And then it never worked again. I very briefly rejoiced, thinking they had hotfixed it, but I guess I just encountered a beneficial glitch.

  3. raffles says:

    Keybinding this isn’t something i’d thought about tbh, but yeah, would be nice. The headgear thing however…gosh yes. 1) Its mostly vile 2) Why can’t i hide it on my companions? wtb moar headgear options.

  4. Richard says:

    I could definitely go for some copied keybindings. Rolling my new alt I realized while I was mashing alt+1 and nothing was happening it was because that keybind didn’t exist on this character.

    This is aside from the problem I have trying to use skills from one character on another character – but that’s a brain issue not a SWTOR issue.

    I don’t think there has been any instance that I’ve had my headgear turned on to date – definitely need some fixes there.

    • Saya says:

      Haha yeah – happened to me countless times! Looks like I’m not the only one who mixes up skills between characters either XD

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