My Crazy Two Weeks – RL Edition

Note: This post has lots about music this time around, and little about SWTOR! 

I have a story. A couple weeks ago, I decided that maybe it was time for me to get my own piano to practice on. I’ve been working on two etudes and I felt like I hit a wall with my digital piano. I looked into renting studios for practice time but they turned to be expensive enough that I might as well buy my own instrument instead. So I had the grand idea to look for a real piano for myself. Simple enough, I thought.

Over the course of various visits to piano stores, I realised I preferred the actions of grand pianos over upright pianos. (Apparently hammer actions on grand pianos are gravity based whereas the design of upright pianos requires a spring in the hammer actions). So, I began to look at small grands or baby grands as they’re sometimes called. Over the course of playing on who knows how many pianos, I found a piano that simply did it for me.

It’s hard to describe the experience but it was epic. It responded well to my touch, and the notes were well balanced – not too mellow and not obnoxiously bright. It had a deep sound that enveloped the room. I played on it for a good forty minutes and went through my memorised repetoire. I played everything from an etude with contrasting dynamics to a nocturne with trills to a quiet Debussy piece, and somehow despite my nubery they all flowed like a smooth wine on the instrument.

I found myself thinking to myself as I played, “I wish I could play more” ,”I’d love to play so-and-so piece on this” , “I have to get better to play on this”. It was inspiring.

As expected, the piano costs about an arm and a leg with my soul served up on the side. Le sigh. But that’s not even the hardest part about this story. Oh no, there’s more. One of the biggest reasons I’m apprehensive about getting such an awesome instrument right now is my living situation. I live in a city apartment – and while it has the space for a piano this size, I’m afraid that the lack of decent soundproofing will have people complaining.

That thought, coupled with the fact that I wouldn’t want to constantly move such an expensive instrument around all the time led us to consider buying a place. And, yeah….that’s scary. Super scary actually. One part of me screams “Nuuuuuuu I’m not ready to grow up” while the other part goes “But but but I want a piano!!” I have to admit that when I went into this search I didn’t think I’d walk out seriously considering buying a place…which to start with is infinitely more scary and more expensive than a piano. I just wanted the awesome piano. Honestly!

So that’s the story of the last two weeks. I’ve been all tied up with inner dilemmas and whatnot. I considered getting the vastly cheaper upright for now while I start my search for a piano-friendly place, but no matter what the cost it just feels “meh” and I usually don’t like to spend my precious money on “meh” things.

At some point in the future I’ll meet with a realtor and I foresee the most hilarious of conversations. Most of their clients would probably go “I’d like an updated kitchen with granite countertops, hardwood floors, fireplace etc” and then there’s me who with a dead serious face will go “I need the place to have concrete floors capable of holding a baby grand piano, walls that are soundproofed to the highest code…..”. Lol.

So it’s limbo at the moment right now and while I’m sure it’ll work out eventually, limbo still sucks. In the meantime, I’m working on Chopin’s Funeral March. What. 🙂


4 thoughts on “My Crazy Two Weeks – RL Edition

  1. Ishamael says:

    I know what you mean about not wanting to grow up… darn responsibilities! A simple life is all I want… ヾ( ̄∇ ̄;)

    I had a blast reading this one, Saya! XD It sounds like a very frustrating situation despite the hilarious spin you give it… but it’ll work out. You’ll see. ❤

    *kuu ga atatakakute sasayakana kimochi de afureru*

  2. Reznikov says:

    Oh my. The things we do for things we love! When apartment hunting my roommates and I were primarily concerned with finding a place capable of accommodating the needs of our pets, so I can relate. XD

    The piano sounds lovely! I can definitely see why you would prefer to spend more for something you love than get something cheaper that you’re not really sold on. I hate to spend money on something I’m not passionate about. Good luck with your house search!

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