The Things I Love

In an earlier post, I mentioned all the little things that I think SWTOR could use some work on. So I think its only fair that I mention all the things that I’ve come to absolutely love in the game! Not having played a Bioware game before, there were a lot of things that were pleasant surprises for me. Looking back now, I wonder how I played without them. Let the list begin!

1. Companions. 

I was used to the idea of companions before, but not quite the SWTOR has them in the game. I love the fact that these companions have personalities and quirks, and aren’t afraid to chime in during conversations to express them. It’s funny how I began to see the various personality types in them too – the tough guy, the honourable guy, the sensitive type etc :).

"Scorekeeper smiles. Is great work we do. Come."

It certainly eases the monotony of solo play and I found myself looking forward to the next conversation with my companions.

2. Crew Skills

I was surprisingly thrilled bout these. I’ve always loved dabbling in professions but having my companions do the work for me is truly awesome. It makes for some interesting logistical planning and for the longest time, I went broke sending them on missions… it was just so fun. This is was probably the biggest reason why I got into crew skills in the first place – there is nothing more mind numbing to me watching my character craft scores of bolts of cloth over the span of who knows how long. *Cough*

I like how crew skills have shaped up thus far – reverse engineering is an interesting mechanic that I had never seen before and the factor of luck thrown in makes it more fun (for me – I can certainly see the frustrating side of this one). The idea of critting on a crafted item is another interesting aspect. The little things like being able to use crafting materials from the cargo hold and such go a long way in making it more convenient and fun.

3. Romance Options

This one really caught me surprise initially. I had no idea stuff like this even existed but boy is it fun! Despite not knowing much about Jedi lore, it was a dilemma for me when faced with the option of romance. The early quests in Tython do a fantastic job of planting the seeding of “To love or not to love” for Jedi, and make no secret of the Jedi Order’s disapproval of love. This kind of grey-area-food-for-thought stuff is what makes it interesting for me.

"People wonder why Jedi are forbidden to marry or have families. They don't see how attachments always lead to suffering."

Ofcourse, the cute guys don’t hurt either! I now find most of my alt decisions driven by the romance options! 🙂

4. Class Quests

I think the class quests are really the driving force for a lot of my experience in SWTOR. I was constantly impressed with how well the story was written (for Consulars) and like a good novel, a lot of times I couldn’t go to bed simply because I wanted to know what happens next. That to me, is always the mark of a good story. I don’t know how they did it but they instilled a sense of urgency in their quests that had me completely wrapped up in the world. A lot of times, things would go something like this:

Hubby: “Come to bed dear, its past 3 am!”

Me: “Oh is it? But but … we just received news that so-and-so has been attacked and they need to my help there!!”


5. Flashpoints, Hardmodes and More

I’ve already talked bout this one in previous posts so I’ll just touch on this briefly. As a healer, I enjoy the challenge and difficulty that many of the fights. It makes it much more interesting to tackle and once we have it down, it feels good. The fact that getting the strategy down gives me a feeling of accomplishment rather than “let’s not do that ever again” tells me that, in my opinion, they hit the right note with these fights.

I also really enjoyed the gradual introduction to endgame skills throughout the entire level range rather than putting them off until level cap. I think it made for a much smoother experience overall. Given how much I’ve been having a blast in hardmodes has made me consider exploring raiding for a bit too. We’ll see how that works out! 🙂

These are the big things that made the game really enjoyable for me from the get-go and continue to do so! Is there any particular aspect in SWTOR that you really enjoyed?


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