First Impressions of Patch 1.2

Patch 1.2 finally happened yesterday and I was excited to get back into the game! I have to say that there were so many things going on that it was quite overwhelming and it will be a little bit before I’ve wrapped my head around all of them. However, the little I DID manage to see, I was very very pleased with.

Sage Changes

There was a bit of a change with how Resplendance works. The earlier version of Resplendance took away the health cost and the debuff of Noble Sacrifice when it was active. The new version just takes away the debuff portion that reduces Force regen. I know many are screaming nerf but I think this is perfectly acceptable. I think it’s not terribly big a change and that Resplendance is still a key part of our healing mechanics. The only change is that perhaps healers won’t be taking advantage of it and overhealing someone with Healing Trance just to proc the free Noble Sacrifice to gain back Force from Resplendance.

Interface Options

The first time I opened this one up I went Woaaaaaah! It looks slightly overwhelming to begin with but its really a huge leap from what we had before. I mean, we’ve seriously gone from zero customisation to customising every single visible thing on the UI. That’s not all….the Interface Editor starts out with three premade profiles for the overall UI. The first is the default UI you see above there. The other is an option with extended quickbars for more buttons. The third, which I found most interesting, is the UI fashioned after what we see in World of Warcraft (in terms of positioning that is). So if you’re used to portraits up top and the chat window down below like the way it is in WoW, you can now have it!

Appearance Customisation

The most interesting part about this one is the ability to customise how your gear looks. This isn’t just choosing which slots display either  – the coolest part here is the “Unify Colours” option. Looking like you’re wearing a clown type outfit fashion-wise is no fun while levelling and this is the answer to it. Hitting that button with unify the colour scheme of your gear so you don’t have to wince at your toon while killing the baddies. It’s fantastic. My gloves were green and completely out of place with the rest of my gear – one click, and its all better!

Legacy System

I suppose this one has the biggest change because it actually exists now hehe. The cool thing about legacy systems is that you can unlock otherwise inaccessible races for different classes the more you play. I’m not entirely sure how much alting I’ll be doing but I thought that was a cool feature. The things that really stood out to me were the legacy rewards you could get right from emotes to spending social points to getting things of convenience and even a mailbox in your own ship. Happy Day!

I’m particularly happy with those because it gives those of us who aren’t currently raiding a good way to spend our time. Yes, I’m still on the fence about that whole raiding thing…but that’s another blog post! There are other things with this patch too – the new flashpoint, the new op and the fact that we should be able to gain affection with our ship’s droid. I haven’t tried any of these yet but there will certainly be an update when I do!

I’ll end with something quite interesting that happened that made me go “oh patch day….”

I logged in only to find that my chest piece all of a sudden had defence on it? On further inspection, I didn’t recognise any of the mods that went into it either. I haven’t yet figured out what’s going on here but I’m sure glad I didn’t heal with all that defence I’m currently rocking 🙂


4 thoughts on “First Impressions of Patch 1.2

  1. Njessi says:

    Eep, I’d better check my Columi junk to make sure it didn’t morph into defense gear! That’s not a good surprise.

    • Saya says:

      I’m not sure if its just a Tionese thing or if its just a chest-piece thing or what. I checked my tier gloves and headpiece and they seemed just fine! But yeah – its definitely not a good surprise hehe.

  2. sebiri says:

    Nice description! I like the new abilities granted from social points. Before I had a badge, which made me think, “Yay, I’m special!” and I kinda felt like an eagle scout. Now, at least, I can dance with (most of) my companions. Unfortunately M1-4X, my best bud and combat droid, doesn’t like to dance.

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