The Blog:

This blog is about my adventures in Star Wars: The Old Republic. My main at the moment is a Miralukan Jedi Consular on the Republic side. The idea of a blind healer always sounded cool to me and so when I saw the option here I just went “Yes please!” I’m a healer at heart so most of my rambling will have to do with healing folks, flashpoints, talents, spells, lore and whatever else I feel like sharing my thoughts on. When I’m not healing, I’m usually going broke by sending companions out on crew skill missions. I was down to 16 credits the other day – a new record of an all time low!

I often like to indulge in my favourite espresso drink — hence the blog title, Force Mocha. When I’m not gaming I’m either blogging, reading manga, baking, or playing the piano. I also think Yoda is the coolest. May the Force be with you.


Comment Policy:

Basic stuff but often has to be said. Please be respectful of everyone’s opinion while commenting on posts. I encourage diverse opinions and a good discussion, but any kind of rudeness, bashing, profanity etc will not be tolerated. Any comments of the aforementioned nature will ruthlessly and mercilessly kneed.


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