Artificing: Know Your Shinies

Working on crew skills in SWTOR is one of my favourite things to do. Anything that has your minions do the work instead of yourself can’t be bad afterall… and in SWTOR, wrapping my head around the different materials really kept it interesting for me. It took me a little bit to figure out how different crystals fit in and the various categories of our craft. Read on for an overview of what this crew skill has to offer!

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The Mocha Guide to Jedi Consular Healing Talents

When I wrote about first impressions of healing as a Sage earlier, I promised a more in-depth look at the Seer tree and healing mechanics when I hit 50. Well, guess who hit 50 over the weekend?

This discussion is an analysis of what the key talents are for the healing Jedi Sage rather than a blow-by-blow analysis of what every single talent does. The talents, in my opinion, are well designed with clear tooltips – I was really pleased that I went into this blind while leveling and didn’t have to pull up any skill calculators or do any extra research to fill in the tree. Alright, talent time.

PS: They’re really skill points in skill trees but calling them skills leaves too much room for confusion so I’m going to stick with calling them talents for now.

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Flashpoints: Building An Awareness Toolkit

A few weeks ago, I read an interesting comment over my morning cup of mocha that said something to the effect of ‘storytelling doesn’t give you endgame skills’. I have long since forgotten the original post but the comment sparked a train of thought that had me recall my own introduction to raiding and “endgame skills”. My first experience learning to strafe and moving out of bad stuff was out of the blue. This was at level cap, when I was also trying to wrap my head around the fact that I had what seemed like a zillion healths to keep track of.

I’ve always thought that having such skills introduced during the levelling process would’ve been much more ideal than having them all upon the players at level cap. And this is how it seems to be done in The Old Republic. I thought to myself – “Well, guess what does give players endgame skills – flashpoints!” Interestingly enough, I found that the flashpoints throughout the level range make for some pretty good teachers of endgame skills!

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First Impressions of Jedi Consular Healing

Time to heal! I intended to write this post when I was about halfway to level cap. (That was about 13 levels ago now…ha!) I wanted to have a fresh take on what healing is shaping up to be while leveling and not just what it is at the endgame. So these thoughts are more about the big picture rather than the details of what each healing spell does. I already have a future write up in mind for the juicy details of abilities, procs and other mechanics for healing as a Consular.

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Customising Orange Quality Gear

Orange quality gear in TOR brings together fashion and gear stat juggling and it does so in a really interesting way. First and foremost, orange quality gear means that its stats are completely customisable by various item modifications (or mods). Using mods, you can tailor the stats in a particular piece of equipment and upgrade those mods as you level up. Theoretically, you could wear the same robe and upgrade the mods your entire journey to level cap. So, how exactly does this work? And where does fashion come into the picture?

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