Zelda: Serenade of Water

(Cross-posted from PianobySaya)

Here is my rendition of a popular Zelda theme, “Serenade of Water” on the piano. I’ve personally never played the game, but the music is simply beautiful. The original composer is Koji Kondo and the version I’m playing on the piano is an improvisation by Brett Moulton.

Sight reading is, unfortunately, not one of my strengths. I did my hardest to stick to the music on the page but as it often happens, I’m sure some of my improvisations have made their way into the piece. Enjoy!


Temporal Distortion

This is an awesome piece that was passed on to me, and I was just blown away by the inspiring imagery and the fantastic music. The video is by Randy Halverson and the music is by Bear McCreary (who also composed the soundtrack for Battlestar Galactica). I would love love love to do a piano cover of this music sometime…it’s just so inspiring! Bravo and many thanks to these two talented individuals for making something this beautiful. Enjoy!

A Musical Quiz…

I play the piano, and often when I need a break from the hardcore classical pieces I turn to my gaming hobby for inspiration. Game music has always been fun to learn and play and it specially makes me all warm and fuzzy when I see two of the things I love come together so nicely.

One fine morning, I picked up a piece from a game for pure fun and to give myself a bit of a sight-reading exercise. In my random eccentricity, I decided I didn’t want to play in flats afterall so I transposed it to different key and added my own embellishments. So much for my sight reading exercise >.<

The fun quiz today: Anyone recognise the piece and/or the game it’s from? Care to take a shot at it? Virtual brownies for the winner!

Note: The recording was rather impromptu and the piece is far from perfect. Apologies for mistakes in advance!