Korriban Beckoned…

…and I answered. It’s been about three months since I played SWTOR but I’m happy to say I’m finally getting back into it! It’s been an interesting couple of months trying to balance my love of endgame in WoW with my desire to hear BioWare’s epic storytelling. It’s become glaringly clear that I don’t have the bandwidth for endgame in both these games at the moment, but that’s no reason to miss out on great story. I’ve sorely missed a lot of the Star Wars features and coming back after a three month break gives me a fresh perspective on it.

The updates were rather overwhelming for me to catch up on so I thought hey, what better way to get back into a game than roll a new character. I am currently exploring the journey of a pureblood Sith Inquisitor and it’s been a blast thus far. And ofcourse, I couldn’t keep my eyes off the beautiful architecture and landscape of Korriban.

The Korriban wallpapers are all 1920 x 1200. Enjoy!

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