My Crazy Two Weeks – RL Edition

Note: This post has lots about music this time around, and little about SWTOR! 

I have a story. A couple weeks ago, I decided that maybe it was time for me to get my own piano to practice on. I’ve been working on two etudes and I felt like I hit a wall with my digital piano. I looked into renting studios for practice time but they turned to be expensive enough that I might as well buy my own instrument instead. So I had the grand idea to look for a real piano for myself. Simple enough, I thought.

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A Musical Quiz…

I play the piano, and often when I need a break from the hardcore classical pieces I turn to my gaming hobby for inspiration. Game music has always been fun to learn and play and it specially makes me all warm and fuzzy when I see two of the things I love come together so nicely.

One fine morning, I picked up a piece from a game for pure fun and to give myself a bit of a sight-reading exercise. In my random eccentricity, I decided I didn’t want to play in flats afterall so I transposed it to different key and added my own embellishments. So much for my sight reading exercise >.<

The fun quiz today: Anyone recognise the piece and/or the game it’s from? Care to take a shot at it? Virtual brownies for the winner!

Note: The recording was rather impromptu and the piece is far from perfect. Apologies for mistakes in advance!