Humour in the Empire

I was playing my inquisitor last night in Dromund Kaas when I came across a conversation that simply had me giggling out loud. It’s always fantastic when the seriousness of the story is broken up by quirky humour with the various personalities we meet along the way. Last night, one such Imperial did just that while briefing me on a certain threat to the Empire.

Now excuse me while I hunt this person down…we certainly can’t have ergonomic chairs threatening the Sith Empire!


Korriban Beckoned…

…and I answered. It’s been about three months since I played SWTOR but I’m happy to say I’m finally getting back into it! It’s been an interesting couple of months trying to balance my love of endgame in WoW with my desire to hear BioWare’s epic storytelling. It’s become glaringly clear that I don’t have the bandwidth for endgame in both these games at the moment, but that’s no reason to miss out on great story. I’ve sorely missed a lot of the Star Wars features and coming back after a three month break gives me a fresh perspective on it.

The updates were rather overwhelming for me to catch up on so I thought hey, what better way to get back into a game than roll a new character. I am currently exploring the journey of a pureblood Sith Inquisitor and it’s been a blast thus far. And ofcourse, I couldn’t keep my eyes off the beautiful architecture and landscape of Korriban.

The Korriban wallpapers are all 1920 x 1200. Enjoy!

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Zelda: Serenade of Water

(Cross-posted from PianobySaya)

Here is my rendition of a popular Zelda theme, “Serenade of Water” on the piano. I’ve personally never played the game, but the music is simply beautiful. The original composer is Koji Kondo and the version I’m playing on the piano is an improvisation by Brett Moulton.

Sight reading is, unfortunately, not one of my strengths. I did my hardest to stick to the music on the page but as it often happens, I’m sure some of my improvisations have made their way into the piece. Enjoy!

The Things I Love

In an earlier post, I mentioned all the little things that I think SWTOR could use some work on. So I think its only fair that I mention all the things that I’ve come to absolutely love in the game! Not having played a Bioware game before, there were a lot of things that were pleasant surprises for me. Looking back now, I wonder how I played without them. Let the list begin!

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My Crazy Two Weeks – RL Edition

Note: This post has lots about music this time around, and little about SWTOR! 

I have a story. A couple weeks ago, I decided that maybe it was time for me to get my own piano to practice on. I’ve been working on two etudes and I felt like I hit a wall with my digital piano. I looked into renting studios for practice time but they turned to be expensive enough that I might as well buy my own instrument instead. So I had the grand idea to look for a real piano for myself. Simple enough, I thought.

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The Little Things

I’ve been having a blast playing SWTOR thus far and it’s safe to say that I’ve been thoroughly spoiled by the voice-acting. There are, however, a few places where a little bit of thought and polish can go a long way. I’m not really talking bout larger issues like endgame content or pvp or anything. This is truly the little stuff.

Here’s my wishlist for things that would make a huge quality of life difference while playing the game, and I hope they get some well needed attention!

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